The vaccinated, the unvaccinated and one misery

August 8th, 2021

In Germany, there’s currently a debate on how to make life more miserable for those who refuse vaccination. The latest idea is to put them under moral pressure to make them feel very bad about themselves. They lack solidarity, the government says. They stand in the way of others who want to enjoy their freedoms again. I can’t help thinking, political self-interest is favoured over the interest of the entire society here.

So what about solidarity and freedom, are these allegations true?

Solidarity, to start with, is not obedience; it’s not about doing what you’re told to do. Solidarity is about speaking up for the rights of others just as much as you want them to stand up for yours. Be strong, and help others to grow strong. This way, you show a lot of respect and the utmost solidarity.

Let’s talk about freedom next. ‘We want our freedoms back!’ is a phrase you hear a lot recently. But back, from whom? Of course, you can easily lose freedom because of your own misbehaviour and misconduct, but can you gain it? The answer is no! Be as disciplined, hard-working and nice as you like: freedom won’t come from it. You simply can’t achieve it, you can only live it. You see, freedom is nothing you can buy and save. Freedom is a gift that becomes more accessible the more you use it.

To sum it up, it’s never a good idea to try and intimidate people.

Help them make their own choices, that is the only way forward. There are simply no deviant ethics for deviant times, at least not for decent people. 

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