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November 6th, 2022

I’ve just left Twitter after being there for more than a decade. But everything ends one day, and today is a good day to get rid of Twitter. Here is why. First and foremost: no one cares. Staying or leaving has little impact on others. It’s a personal decision. I’m no journalist or politician that seeks the Twitter limelight to boost their popularity. No one will miss me personally.

Initially, a journalist brought me to Twitter: Marcus Wegner, the author of the book Exorcism Today: The Devil Speaks German. But I only became quite active during the so-called pandemic. For me, Twitter was very helpful in sensing the general mood. By mid-January, I was sure that the introduction of mandatory vaccination would fail in Germany because too much time had passed.

Then I came to realise that I had only been able to read the signs because of my theological knowledge. Twitter had been a helpful crutch while faith and theology had been the two legs to mentally take me out of the German corona policy crisis. Twitter had been supportive, but eventually, I could walk on my own two legs.

In future, when I want to publish something, I’ll do it here on my website. When people want to connect and communicate with me, they know where to find me and how to get in touch: by mail, email, phone or messenger – and, of course, I still have a permanent address too. The ultimate goal is simple: chatting less with complete strangers and talking more with people that really matter.

Let’s have a beer, meet over a cup of tea or single malt and discuss topics that are important to us.


People Say They’re Leaving Twitter. Are they Really?

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