Hard enough

June 22nd, 2019

In a time of extremes it’s hard enough to walk middle of the road. I’ve run for public office three times, so I can stand my ground. I wasn’t elected, still I was successful because I grew up. In many a respect I’m quite average: definitely no extremist, other than in the eyes of others.

I like political discussions, philosophy, theology and good music: funk, soul and also charts. Style and manners are important to me, I guess that makes me appear as a bit of a snob.

I stick to classical, Christian values: integrity, loyalty and keeping one’s word. In the past that would have been seen as conservative, today it makes you be a punk. I can live with that.

Sometimes I’m coward, indecisive, a hypochondriac. On the other hand I’m reliable, humorous and easy-going. Just like your next-door neighbour.

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