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Hi! I’m Rainer

I’m a Christian with an anarchic streak and a good sense of humour: rebellious, stubborn and definitely honest and genuine.
I like John Nettles, Margaret Rutherford and find Jaime Murray and Rosamund Pike quite attractive.
I’m into politics, theology, travelling and life. I belong to the Independent Evangelical-Lutheran Church (SELK) .


Degree in English & Theology
Justus Liebig University

Employment and work experience

I’ve been a lot in my life: trainee clerk, trainee photographer, shop assistant, sales representative and translator. Today, I work as a secondary school teacher.


Leadership. I’ve organised language classes and cultural events.
For 10 years I was a member of the town council, 6 of which Minority Opposition Group Leader.
Health. I enjoy swimming and socialising.
Living Life. I like travelling, reading and meeting people.

Favourite Food

Käsespätzle, Shepherd’s pie, Tocăniţă

Favourite Drinks

Tea, Water, Single Malt

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